Oh, you do me wrong. Would I do anything wicked? I’m a peaceful soul, bothering nobody and leading a gentle, herbivorous life. And my thoughts merely drift among the oddities and quarks of how things are (as I see them). I, humble observer of phenomena, plod along and puff my silly words into the air rather unspectacularly, I am afraid.”

— Tortoise, Godel Escher Bach, Douglas Hofstadter

Right // Mac Miller

Right // Mac Miller

Yeah, it’s been a while without your face
But I saw your picture on the wall the other day
Too much distance, too much space
You need to come back home and run along, yeah
I’m waiting for the light to change
You ask me how I’ve been and I’m good, I can’t complain
Times get harder, things get strange
All I know, I don’t want you gone