100 Dreams

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist
  1. Get over my driving phobia
  2. Read an entire set of the Encyclopedia Britannica
  3. Visit an active volcano
  4. Learn to longboard
  5. Float in the dead sea
  6. See the Redwoods of California
  7. Stay at the Giraffe Hotel
  8. Eat lobster in Maine
  9. Eat oysters in the Gulf Coast
  10. Swing on the “End of the World” Swing
  11. Learn trigonometry
  12. Own a motorcycle
  13. Learn Spanish
  14. Learn German
  15. Learn French
  16. Learn Arabic
  17. Learn to play an instrument
  18. Make enough money writing to quit my job
  19. Get a degree
  20. Learn screenprinting
  21. Memorize a poem
  22. Memorize 100 digits of π
  23. Go on a cruise
  24. Make creme brulee
  25. Start a podcast
  26. Attend a TED Talk event
  27. Swim with humpback whales and whale sharks
  28. Stargaze from Death Valley National Park, California
  29. or Clayton Lake Dark Sky Park, New Mexico
  30. Ride an elephant
  31. Take a dance class
  32. Take a cooking class
  33. Finish a Coursera course
  34. Volunteer
  35. Donate 10% of my income
  36. Collect something
  37. Start running
  38. Join a gym, attend regularly
  39. Make meditation and yoga a daily habit
  40. Become a weekday vegetarian
  41. Find time every week to dream up plans and possibilities
  42. Figure out what enlightenment is
  43. Reach enlightenment
  44. Own some land, and a cow, and a pig
  45. Own a business
  46. Publish a sci-fi/dystopian fiction novel
  47. Publish a graphic novel
  48. Publish a book of essays/poetry
  49. Publish two blog posts a week
  50. Publish a zine
  51. Have an article printed in a magazine
  52. Learn to paint with oils or acrylics
  53. Bake a perfect loaf of bread
  54. Get married
  55. Have a kid
  56. Adopt a kid
  57. Own a better home
  58. Get my library card
  59. Journal every day
  60. Hand make all of my own journals
  61. Visit the Met, the Whitney, and the MoMA museums
  62. Visit the American Museum of Natural HistoryOwn a bull terrier
  63. Own a sphynx cat
  64. Read 30 books a year
  65. Read more philosophy books
  66. Write a children’s book
  67. Find a mentor
  68. Be a mentor
  69. Write and send letters
  70. Complete one year of a creative habit
  71. See the aurora borealis
  72. Start composting
  73. Start recycling
  74. Put up a wheatpaste poster
  75. Take a cross-country road trip
  76. Go camping every summer
  77. Try skiing
  78. Learn to rock climb
  79. Climb a mountain
  80. Meet an octopus
  81. Make a perfect espresso
  82. Visit Stonehenge during the winter solstice
  83. and during the summer solstice
  84. Finish a Crash Course playlist
  85. Learn to enjoy being alone
  86. Visit a place where the sun doesn’t set
  87. Take a train ride across the country, comfortably
  88. Earn a degree
  89. See the “Pancake rocks” at Paparoa National Park

I shamelessly stole this list idea from Laura Vanderkam’s post “List of 100 Dreams

Photo by Leon Contreras on Unsplash