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Practice Your Self-Care With Mindfulness // Aloe

“Escapism is the opposite of mindfulness. When we use self-care as an escape, we learn nothing, change nothing, solve nothing, work through nothing. The reasons we need self-care in the first place are lost. All we’re left with is the good feeling that comes with pampering, and all we can do is enter and exit a cycle of repressing, forgetting, and consuming.”

My Ulcerative Colitis was Invisible, Even to Me // Femsplain

“My illness never felt like a part of me. I never wanted it to be. I was me, and my illness was something that only existed when it was happening to me and then promptly went right out of existence and memory when it wasn’t.”

She Didn’t Succeed, but I’m the One Who Failed // Femsplain

“You see, my mom just takes too many risks. Not only that there is always this urgency to that plans that I just don’t understand. Why can’t she can’t start slow? Why can’t she can’t start small? She has to be all in, and she has to do it before she thinks it through.”

It’s never too late // The Writing Cooperative

“The best writing advice I ever received wasn’t exactly writing advice at all. It was a little quote I read it on an ugly gift shop magnet 10 years ago. It was such good advice that I still have that little magnet all these years later.”


Issue 1 Artists // fēlan

“I am inspired by other people. Our everyday feelings and actions are very interesting to me. I spend much of my free time wondering why it is we think, do, and feel the way we do. I am always searching for, and trying to explain, who we all are.”

Photo by Logan Lambert on Unsplash