Hello, my name is Lisa.

I’m a writer, but I’m not yet a good writer. I may not even a competent one, but I’m passionate and determined. I have a few ideas and this place to hone my craft. 

I’m interested in the human condition and write about that often on my other blog, Zen and Pi, but here I am interested only in my condition. This place is where I can be free, to experiment and to express myself. I like to write personal essays, and persuasive and informative pieces under topics such as sociology, philosophy, and literature.

I’ll share thought fragments, book and film reviews, interesting quotes, and day-to-day journal entries and weekly chat posts over coffee. I’ll share memories from my past and my hopes for the future. I’ll share my struggles and what hurts, and I’ll share my happiness too.

I haven’t always had it easy in life but I’ve made it much further than I ever dreamed I would and I want to see how far I can still go. I’m on a mission toward radical self-awareness and healing. I want to know who I am and what I am and to live as just that and nothing more for a while. I’m on a mission to understand and to be understood, that’s all.

I’d love it if you followed my blog here on WordPress, or subscribed to my posts via email. You could follow me on Twitter and check out what inspires me on Tumblr. I’m always looking for feedback or a kind word and encourage you to comment or contact me freely, and if you like what I do and what to support my journey a cup of coffee goes a long way.

Thank you for reading.