Hello, my name is Lisa Marie.

I’m currently residing in a suburb outside of Denver, Colorado with my wonderful wife, our goofy dog Lola, and two very secretive snakes, Delilah and Ava. By day I work as an Employee Trainer for a large schools district focusing on working with special needs students, safety, crisis prevention, and restorative practices.

When I’m not at work, I spend much of my free time here, focusing on my passion for writing. I’m interested in the human condition, but here I am interested only in my condition. This place is where I can be free to experiment and to express myself. I like to write personal essays, and persuasive and informative pieces on topics such as sociology, philosophy, and literature.

Here you will find my daily-ish journal entries, thought-provoking quotes, and a collection of my favorite videos, books, podcast episodes, and songs. The goal is to explore my journey through healing, learning, and honing a healthy writing habit and craft. I’ll share memories from my past and my hopes for the future. I’ll share what hurts and I’ll share my happiness too.

I’m on a mission toward radical self-awareness and acceptance of what makes me human. It’s important to me to document who I am, what motivates me, how I developed and change, and the difference between those perceptions from day to day and place to place. I’m on a mission to understand and to be understood.

Beyond writing, I also enjoy creating blackout/newspaper poems, reading— particularly the classics and essay collections, though I am learning to love contemporary fiction too—and hiking through some of the most scenic trails my state has to offer.

I’d love it if you followed me here on WordPress, or subscribed to my posts via email. Alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter and check out what inspires me on Are.na. I’m always looking for feedback or a kind word and encourage you to comment or contact me freely, and if you’re looking for a way to support my journey, a cup of coffee goes a long way!

Thanks for reading.