110 // I Miss Nature

I wish I had enjoyed more of the day. We got out but only to run a few short errands. We picked up my prescription at the pharmacy. We dropped our invitations off at the post office. We did some thrift store browsing, and I bought a new book. Then we quickly went back home to sit in front of the TV and binge watch The OA on Netflix. It was a good day but I do wish I had spent more of it outside.

I wish I had woken up earlier and gotten out for a walk. I wish I had started cleaning up the yard. I wish I had watched the sun go down from the porch. I’ve become much too much of a homebody and I have forgotten how much the sun and the fresh air mean to me. I’ve forgotten how the trees sound in the wind and how good grass feels between my toes. I miss nature. I want to reconnect with her and make our time together a regular part of my days and weeks again.

These entries are inspired by Thord D. Hedengren

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Lisa Marie Blair

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