I’m stuck in the house again. Yesterday, in an effort to feel useful, I carried boxes of tile from the car by myself and must have over worked a muscle I didn’t even know I had and now getting out of bed has become difficult and painful and leaving the house feels far from worth the suffering it will cause.

The weather is even better than yesterday and part of me is feeling really down about being inside. I’m trying to remember there are going to be many more warm days to come and plenty of chances for me to soak up the sun and see the world.

In the meantime I’m spending the day in the “creativity room” working on a new cutout poem this morning before moving into the kitchen later to meal prep and clean. Laundry was started yesterday and the groceries are already bought and brought home. It’s unusual to have to little that I have to do on a Sunday. I think I’ll make a habit out of this.


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