The proposal introduces some specific use of language:

Microsolidarity is a set of practices for mutual support between peers. These methods bring us out of individualism and into a more relational way of being.

Most of this support happens in a Crew: a small group up to about 8 people growing trust in each other through emotional & economic reciprocity. Crews are always designed for intimacy, and may also produce an output (e.g. a software product or an activist campaign).

The Congregation is a space for Crews to co-develop in the company of other Crews. Congregations have less than a few hundred people, so they can be primarily governed through trust and dialogue.

Many Congregations could form an Assembly.

— Richard D. Bartlett, “Microsolidarity” (via bailey e. richardson)


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Lisa Marie Blair

Painfully aware. Profoundly afraid. Perpetually falling in and out of love with humanity. She/They.

12 thoughts on “Microsolidarity”

    1. I have to disagree. No one wants to be xerox clones but the cult of individualism has taken us too far in the other direction. I don’t want to be *like* other people; I simply want to be *with* other people.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if people gave more support than criticism? Wouldn’t it be great if we could look beyond ourselves to support other people in both their difficulties and their triumphs? Obviously it would.

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    1. I was not put on this earth to fix other people’s bad choices. I will be supportive of people who are in a bad position through no fault of their own (losing a job because of Covid, as an example), but not because someone dropped out of school at 15 and then complain they cannot get a job. So what you are asking is situational.


      1. It’s funny you say that. I dropped out of school at 15. To be honest with you, I don’t think any 15 year old should be held responsible for their choices. They are children after all. I came from a poor family had expieinced so much trauma that I could not handle school at all. Do I not deserve some support now to correct for opportunities I never had? I, and people like me, could contribute so much more to society of we had some support, not just monetary, but emotional, professional, and spiritual as well, and in turn support others when we can. We all have to live on this planet together so why not help each other make it a better place instead of struggling alone. Why not make a kinder more compassionate and inclusive world than one so full of loneliness, struggling, and suffering?


      2. You pulled yourself out through hard work, I am guessing. My wife being a public school teacher has shown me the other side, and it isn’t pretty. I did not mean that as disrespect as much as I meant they need to work harder to gain their independence and not whine about their choice outcomes.


      1. who does that! pardon my skepticism , but the adage what s in it for me pops up. not that it does not occur and not that there should not be more. i m just a little self centered is all!


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