The Curve of Two Bodies

You turn one-half rotation away from me to face the darkI set my trajectory to follow you through the vacuumThe shortest distance between two bodies is also a curveEvery move we’ve made is recorded on a continuum I set my trajectory to follow you through the vacuumPart of every revolution is a retrogradeEvery move we’ve… Continue reading The Curve of Two Bodies

Concepts I’m Lingering With

Different ways to tell a lie/mixing secondary colors/the addicting bitterness of coffee/how to ask the right questions/books that fit in your pocket/vulnerability in friendship/henley shirts/freshly sharpened pencils/the times of day that feel safe/the thrill of spicy food/cold showers/knowing the world through emotion/suddenly ostracized members of elementary-aged friend groups/Solipsism/the build-up of dead skin cells in the… Continue reading Concepts I’m Lingering With