I’m home early from work today, thank God. The stress of trying to get though another day was getting to me and I simply decided not to deal with it at all and asked if anyone cared that I leave. Not one person objected.

I stayed long enough to get my work done and take care of a few commitments I’d made earlier in the week. I’m grateful that even though I’m still fighting this flare up the steroids have made the middle of the day bearable and even somewhat productive.

We had another luncheon at work. One of my bosses brought in homemade lasagna with salad, bread, and mini bundt cakes for each of us. After lunch we all pulled random $25 gift cards from a bag. I was lucky enough to pull the movie theater gift card, my wife and I’s favorite way to pass a Friday night.

Soon I’ll be heading out for some shopping. We’re seeing a play tomorrow (our first play together) and nothing I have to wear feels right. I want something new. Something to help me feel good and fight off the pain and depression of this flare up I’m going through. I’m determined not to let ulcerative colitis ruin this for me and that means treating and indulging myself to the max to get through it.

Happy Friday the 13th!


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Lisa Marie Blair

Painfully aware. Profoundly afraid. Perpetually falling in and out of love with humanity. She/They.

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