New month new me, I hope. I’m actually sad to see February go. There was so much I wanted to do that I just couldn’t complete. I’m still working on my “Currently” post but with my energy and focus levels being the same as they were this time last month I doubt I’ll get it done. January’s is still sitting in my drafts folder too.

I want March to be better and with the temperatures increasing and the sunlight sticking around longer I think it will. I want to get better at managing my time. I had stopped checking my calendar and turned off my alarms and reminders. This month it’s all coming back. In addition, I’m using my pocket notebook more. I’ve had so many great ideas this month and I lost almost all of them because I relied too much on my mind alone to remember them.

This month I’m also moving away from using Google tasks for my to-do list and coupling my calendar to a simple .txt file instead. Right now I have one long to do list with rows and rows of overdue and failed items. It’s a pretty depressing place to be. I found this system from Jeff Huang in which you combine your calendar and a text file and create new lists every day with only the items you need to do that day. Anything you don’t get to gets rescheduled in the calendar instead of dying on the list.

This system also combines the to-do list with a logbook. Throughout the day, or at the end if you like, you add things you did along with notes and highlights you want to remember later. This is a crucial aspect I have failed to implement.

Part of me would like this to be an analog system but the truth is I doubt I have the time. Digital has the benefit of being faster and searchable even if it is rather rigid and boring. We’ll see though. Right now I just need to try something.


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