It’s been a long week already and there is still a long way left to go but the worst of it, the hardest, most stressful and exhausting parts are now over.

Most of our schools will be closed tomorrow and Thursday and that means a lot fewer people and a lot less chaos. I expect to have an easy end to the week working on a few small projects and catching up on data entry, filing, emails, scheduling, and paperwork. I expect shorter days and a chance to enjoy the gorgeous weather on the way. I expect I’ll pretend it’s summer and spend the hours soaking up the sun and daydreaming instead.

This weather is a little concerning though. March is typically one of our snowiest months but looking at the 10 day forecast you’d think we were already into April. We have nothing but sunshine and mid-50s and 60s for the foreseeable future. I’m in heaven but I’m dreading what might turn out to be a rather unbearable summer on the way.


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Lisa Marie Blair

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