182// Progress

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Time spent with my wife doing completely different things. She has unwittingly become my most effective accountability partner simply by virtue of having a desk across from mine and working from home. Her sitting at her desk makes me want to be at mine. Her working spurs me to work. I wish we could spend every day like this.
  2. Afternoon coffee. I know it’s not the best thing for me, but being able to pour a small glass of cold brew around 2:00 PM, sitting down to type, and finding you can easily go on and on until dinner time is so rewarding and encouraging.
  3. The neighborhood fireworks. I’m lucky my wife and I are able to sleep through much of the noise and my pets hardly seem to mind but the ensuing drama over the Nextdoor app and the thrill of the loud booms has have made this years nightly illegal fireworks displays into the most exciting entertainment that can be had during the pandemic.

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Lisa Marie Blair

An aspiring writer fascinated by the human condition. You can find much of my work on my personal blog and at Zen and Pi. Please consider supporting what I do by sharing a cup of virtual coffee. Thank you!

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