251 // Changing

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Home. It isn’t much but it’s mine and though that chaos and hopelessness surround me they rarely, mercifully, make their way past these four walls. Safety is something I never had growing up, and it’s the most important thing I have now. Home is safety.
  2. Change. Deciding that there is room to grow and reason to do and be different is a terrifying conclusion to come to, but sometimes staying the same will leave you worse off than any future failure might. Be brave. Even if you fail the future is will always be brighter if your intentions are right.
  3. Hard conversations. Who will tell you the truth about yourself if not the people you love the most? There is no need to avoid it or defend yourself from it. It is a blessing to have access to such honesty and insight. Take your criticisms without shame and you can learn more about yourself than you ever would on your own.

Published by

Lisa Marie Blair

An aspiring writer fascinated by the human condition. You can find much of my work on my personal blog and at Zen and Pi. Please consider supporting what I do by sharing a cup of virtual coffee. Thank you!

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