337 // The Good News

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Modern medicine. I see so many social media posts and articles filled with advice on “natural cures” that I often feel ashamed of relying on man-made medicines, but more than that I’m grateful for the work, the research, and the drugs that can give me my life back.
  2. Midday naps with the dog and cat. The medication may be working and many symptoms already feel like distant memories, but this fatigue will be with me for a long while to come. I’m grateful to have these two with me when I need to rest. I feel a little less alone, a little less like I’m losing time.
  3. My wife working from home. She can’t be here every day but there are a couple time a week when both our new COVID schedules line up and we get to be home together. It’s like a mini vacation. It feels like a life I might have chosen if capitalism left us with more choices than this.

Published by

Lisa Marie Blair

Hello! I'm an aspiring writer fascinated by the human condition. You can find much of my work on my personal blog and at Zen and Pi. I also tweet as @lisamarieblair_ and share pictures and poetry on Instagram. Please consider signing up for my newsletter or supporting what I do by sharing a cup of virtual coffee. Thank you!

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