119 // Seized the Day

What does your mind need right now?

This was an email subject line from the marketing team at Headspace—a meditation app I’m an avid user of. The email itself wasn’t very interesting, but the subject line did catch my eye. It made me wonder what does my mind need right now?

At that moment I didn’t know the answer, but I did know I was in deep need of something. So, I spent the day working out what I needed instead of wasting energy giving others what I thought they wanted of me.

Today I wasn’t as outgoing. I didn’t laugh or talk as much. I didn’t get sucked into conversations or cares that didn’t serve me and what my mind needed today.

I read. I wrote some. I deleted all my tweets older than one year on a whim. I ate. I took my medication. I drank water. I walked in the sun and I talked to my wife on her lunch break. These are things that bring me joy and fill me with a sense of purpose. I filled my day with them and made this day a good one.

It feels good to have some control over my mood and my doings. Tomorrow may be totally different. Tomorrow will probably be totally different. I may have fewer choices and chances to make what I will of my time, but the fact that I saw the opportunity today and seized it is certainly something to be proud of.


Published by

Lisa Marie Blair

Painfully aware. Profoundly afraid. Perpetually falling in and out of love with humanity. She/They.

2 thoughts on “119 // Seized the Day”

  1. Headspace looks interesting. I remember listening to an interview with the founder on a podcast a couple of years ago. I’ll try and check it out properly over the weekend.


    1. I really like it! They have a meditation for every thing including to help with chronic pain, stress in the moment, and with sleep. I will warn you it isnt’ free but if you work for a school district (like me) or know someone who does they offer the subscription to educators at no cost. They also offer student discounts and family plans.


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