047 // A Little Optimism

The weather is finally warming, though we’re forecasted to hover near freezing for the rest of the week. Next week is looking a lot more spring-like, and I’m reminded that having something to look forward to is all it takes to muster a little optimism.

Many of my coworkers are enjoying a four-day weekend, and though I’m expected to head into the office, it will at least be an easy and early day. I’m assisting with a CPR class, which mostly means I’m on mannequin disinfecting duty. It sounds worse than it is. In fact, I often prefer these quiet, solitary tasks to team work.

The early day means more time to write. Nothing profound is coming to mind today, but a few unfinished pieces are a few awkward paragraphs closer to done. I just have to get back into my old groove, but I know that as long as I have been out of it, is as long as it may take to get back in.

Writing is my passion, but it isn’t easy. It isn’t always fun, and it doesn’t always feel good. The joy is in “having written” but it’s a lot of misery getting there.

My heart goes out to the millions in Texas dealing with freezing temperatures, power outages, and water shut-offs. My little sister is among those being affected, and I’m wracked with worry for her. Her power has been out for over 30 hours and she resorted to staying in her car for warmth as all the hotels in the area are booked.

I hope everyone can find a warm place to sleep tonight My sister has friends to go but I know there will be many out there who don’t have loved ones to take them in.

Stay warm. Be safe. Show compassion, please.


Today is the first Sunday of our new effort to attend family day every week, but to alternate the families we spend time with. Today we are with my wife’s family and next week we will be back at my brother’s house with mine. It’s been a while since we’ve come over here. My family pushes harder for these kinds of visits while we are the ones who have to do the pushing with hers. They love seeing us but it’s too easy to get into the bad habit of letting life get in the way.

But we don’t want to let life get in the way. We want to make sure to make the effort and to let people know we more than care, but that we also enjoy their company.

The visit has been lovely and lively too! It’s been a while since I’m been able to debate politics in such a riveting way and though we’re all liberals here we do have different ideas about how to move forward, bring this country together, and achieve our goals with a sense of compassion and inclusion. What I learned is that I might not be quite as liberal or radical as I thought and that I do in fact believe that the middle road is a respectable place to govern from.