Today was an especially boring day. I spent it watching a coworker teach CPR to the new employees. I was trying to pick up a few insights and tricks of the trade since I’ll be in class learning how to be an instructor myself in a little over a week. The class is long as it is but it’s especially long when you aren’t in the class nor teaching it either.

The good news is I no longer feel (quite) so anxious about my class. Most of it is videos and what’s left is reading from the book, answering questions, and making sure people are demonstrating the breaths and compressions properly. I think I can do all that just fine. That isn’t to say it looks easy. It just doesn’t look any harder than what I’ve already been doing, anyway. I think I got this.

Some times the boring, idle days are more tiring than the busy, stressful days. I did very little today and even made it home earlier than usual and somehow I am exhausted. I can barely muster the energy to get off the couch to change out of my work clothes let alone cook dinner or clean anything.

My wife is still fighting off a nasty cold, and it’s up to me to take care of everything. She may have to settle for getting dinner delivered and an early bedtime for both of us. Another wild Friday night.