Today is a do nothing day. I’ve spent it in the bright and roomy corner of the couch reading while the cat and dog alternate turns cuddling with me. My wife is at the other end playing all the Divergent movies back to back. Her foot taps mine every once in a while to reassure us both, and between movies we alternate fetching snacks. It’s a true Saturday, not just a day cooped up at home. It helps if you feel like you chose it; you know?

I’m not in love with the book I’m reading but I’ve put in so much time and tried so hard that I have to see the nearly 1,200 page tome through to the end. I would have finished It by now if it weren’t for the sheer size of the thing and I’m rethinking my aversion to ebooks again because of it. I recently had a chat with an old fan of the blog and his questions reminded me that I have an old iPad lying around that could serve as an e-reader once I delete every other app installed.

When I’m done with It I’ll give e-books a real try. I have enough money in gift cards to try some contemporary reads without investing too much.