I’m back at work today and feeling so much better than I have all week. I made it through the whole day with just a bit of fatigue near the end of the workday and some throat soreness in the evenings. I’m sure with another day of rest I would have been even better off but Capitalism won’t let me take that much time for myself, you know?

The weather didn’t affect me as badly as I thought it would. It was cold—bitter cold!—and it snowed but I was lucky enough to get to spend at least the morning indoors helping in the office.

Usually I hate the snow but as I walked between the buildings and in and out of the office today, I took my time. I let the soft flakes fall on my face. I watched the moisture from my own breath condense in the air. I listened to the silence, and I listened to sounds traveling from far away on the cold air. It’s actually kind of beautiful.

I’ve never felt that way about winter weather before.