I had to stay home again today. I feel pretty crappy but the bigger issue now is the sheer exhaustion weighing me down. I feel like I have had the flu for a month but worse. From what I understand living with an autoimmune disease means my body thinks it’s been fighting the good fight against an infection while it’s only been fighting itself.

I slept most of the morning. I had hoped to get up and get some reading or blog things done but coffee wasn’t sitting well and since I’m still not eating much and I suspect that I may be sliding into dehydration despite all the Gatorade and broth I have been consuming I thought it best to give into the fatigue. After a light lunch and a few more sips of coffee I was able to start a draft or three and to make some theme edits. I read for an hour but my concentration and comprehension were lacking.

Tomorrow I will email the doctor to check in. Hopefully she’ll have some piece of advice or something to try. I can’t keep this up much longer. More and more I’m tempted to forego the work I have scheduled for the break and take care of myself full time instead.