I’m back at work bright and early this morning. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it since my body was slow to cope and cooperate. I was up some overnight dealing with pain and discomfort but after such a heavy meal last night and a lower dose of steroids I really thought I’d be much, much worse off.

I’m learning to consider it a good thing when my body wakes me up so early these days. I’m learning to listen when my body says it needs more time to move more slowly in. Since accepting this I’ve had a much easier time of things.

I wanted to take the day off, or better yet the entire two weeks, the same as everyone else, but I have work and money to make up so here I am. At least the work is easy and for the most part I’m being left alone. I can make time for my own personal pursuits in between tasks and since I have even less scheduled to get done tomorrow, the option is open to start the weekend early if I choose to.