The work week is finally come to an end. I’m exhausted and looking forward to doing as little as possible for the next two days. Since I’ll be starting a new round of steroid treatment to get this flare under control, I have got to give the medication the best chance to work and my body the best chance to heal before the start of another Monday.

But today was good actually. Even though I haven’t been feeling any better until now I believe I am learning to cope with it better. I’m learning how to work and to laugh between the pain and the fatigue. It’s good, but it somehow makes the whole thing sadder too. It isn’t fair I should have to fight so hard and it hurts that I’m the only one who knows the toll this is taking. I suppose it’s just lonely.

Right now the most important thing is that the work is getting done and I can end the week with a little pride, a feeling I’m in desperate need of these days.