341 // Nothing More Than Maybes

I woke sometime in the middle of the night and felt at ease, relaxed, happy even in the certainty that I was waking to a Saturday morning in which I had nothing more to do than all the nothing I wanted. I was deeply disappointed when just a few short hours after my alarm went off and I remembered it was only Tuesday and I have many more days left before I can claim any significant time as my own.

Still, today isn’t so bad. There have been plenty of disappointments and quite a few setbacks, but for some reason today, none of it is bothering me. I’m going with the flow and seizing as many moments as I can.

The cause of this great turnaround, and the depression that came before, I’m beginning to believe, are almost entirely hormonal. Last week I felt as if a switch was flipped inside my mind. At that moment, the world lost its wonder and I lost my interest, and this morning, suddenly, the light is back on.

I’ve only just begun to get an inkling of the pattern and I won’t be sure until I’ve tracked a few months more at least, but this inability to maintain focus and motivation may not be entirely preventable—or my fault.

Today I’m staying inside. The weather has taken a late but sudden turn toward winter and the bitter winds blow right through to my bones. If I keep out of the frigid air there is hope yet for my general mood. I’m lucky to work in an office where I can control the thermostat and even if others want it kept low, I keep a small space heater under my desk for emergencies.

The warmth makes it easy to stay in my seat and focus on organizing some of these notebook pages and paragraphs into publishable pieces. I’m working on some small goals for 2022. Not resolutions so much as hopes. As I age, I realize that those “best-laid plans” go awry much more than just often. I have also realized that the things we think we want—from ourselves, for life, from others—change all the time.

I simply won’t be the same person 12 months from now. I won’t want the same things I do today. So, no promises, only hopes. Nothing more than maybes.

My wife tricked me into getting out of the house today. I threw some clothes on early in the morning to run to the pharmacy. She drove, and it was only after we left she said we were also going to go do a little shopping. At first I was angry. I don’t feel well at all and had planned on going back to bed after the pharmacy trip but I know she was trying to do something nice and anyway, it is a beautiful day and perhaps a little sunshine and a little time among the people, could help.

By the time we were browsing the stores I was feeling better. I got a coffee and a few more gift purchases crossed off of my list. It’s crazy how fast time is moving and how little time I have left to ship it all. It’s hard not to panic. I’ll give myself this last week to finish it all up.

Now we are back home and it’s early enough for me to still get plenty of resting done, or writing, or, more likely, housework, or, even more likely, shows to binge watch. The weekends aren’t long enough. I need a day between Saturday and Sunday, or between Friday and Saturday, a day to do nothing at all without any guilt. Tomorrow will be used up on preparation and then I will be back at it, struggling and miserable. Right now a four-day work week sounds like heaven.