357 // Doing Nothing

Today I am doing nothing, and a lot of it. I woke up early, just to do nothing and then the nothing tired me out so much I needed a nap. Now I am doing nothing again and have plans for very little more from here until bedtime. It’s glorious, all this nothing. I’m hopeful I’ll have more of it tomorrow too.

Doing nothing looks like reading all the articles and listening to all the podcasts I’ve been saving up. It looks like reading and writing in my journal. It’s reflecting on all the little notes I’ve taken these past weeks, scheduling and editing blog posts, and taking more notes on the new things I’d like to write and share. It looks like me, camped out on the couch with my laptop, my books and notebooks, pens and pencils, and plenty of pillows, blankets, and cup after cup of coffee.

Later there may be a small to do list, a few chores and some small errands perhaps, but nothing stressful, nothing demanding.

Wintery weather is rolling in tonight. The winds are whipping around the house tonight, and the cold can be felt creeping through cracks unseen. It’s nights like these when home feels much more fragile and I much more vulnerable than I feel on warmer, brighter days and nights.

Still, these nights are made for huddling close to those you love under piles of warm and soft blankets. There is strength and comfort in that, too. We’re safe. Even if all the fences, trees, and these walls themselves cave in, we have each other, the greatest protection any human can have.

I can hardly believe it’s Monday already, just two days until Christmas, and just over a week until the new year. My wife and I have just a few small odds and ends left to buy, a couple of small gifts but mostly food and drinks. There’s bacon and eggs for Christmas Eve breakfast, salad, wine, and dessert for Christmas Eve dinner, sausage and mimosas for Christmas brunch, and we’ve settled on lamb for Christmas dinner.

Had a chat with the doctor this morning. It wasn’t great news, but it wasn’t the worst conversation you could have with a doctor either. She’s doing her best and just asking me to hang in there. She’s talking about adding more medications and the one’s she’s mentioned seem to have some very harsh side effects. I’m scared and, to be honest, angry. I’m not angry at the doctor and I know it’s wrong to be angry at myself, but I’m angry all the same. I just don’t know where to point the emotion or how to express or how to let it go.

I probably need time. I need to process. Thank God for my support groups. I’m never alone there. I can search for others going through what I am. I can distract myself from my problems by reading about problems different from my own. I can even uplift myself by offering advice to those in need. That is when I feel the best, when I am helping. My holiday isn’t what I hoped it would be, but I’ve still been able to find the spirit.