Well, I was 100% wrong about today. It snowed so much overnight and it’s forecasted to snow so much over the course of the day that every school district in the metro area is closed today. So I’m home for my 3rd snow day of the season and wondering if the year will have to be extended as we move further into February and March, our snowiest time of year and more and more and more snow days are called as the storms get worse and worse.

I was also wrong about this cold being all in my head. I woke up with a sore and swollen throat and a generally miserable feeling all over my body. I hope this will be the worst of it. I can deal with a sore throat but coping with a stuffy nose or a cough is so much harder. So, the snow day was a blessing on more than one front and I plan to spend it on the couch reading and resting up. This weekend is going to be an exciting one and I don’t want a second of it ruined over a something as small as a sore throat.


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