Today is not as warm as yesterday but from the looks of the forecast it is not near as miserable as tomorrow will be. We’re looking at snow again starting tonight though I doubt it will be of any significant amount. Usually if there is a chance of snow day I hear murmurings and rumors throughout the day, but this time there is nothing but silence. I expect bad roads and miserable coworkers first thing in the morning.

But today I feel good, or, mostly good anyway. I am sure I am coming down with a cold or at least the same nasty throat infection everyone else has had. I’m ignoring it for now with the hopes that it’s all in my head.

Over the course of the last few months I have perfected the art of reading while watching T.V. My wife and I have been binge-watching Homeland on Showtime while I read Love in the Time of Cholera and I am very proud of being able to keep up with both. I can’t, and don’t even want to, try doing both during every show or with every book but these two seem easy enough to follow along that doing both helps rather than hinders.

In fact, I was able to finally finish Love in the Time of Cholera and pick up It by Stephen King which is so long that I will have to learn to do a lot of things while reading at the same time or I’ll never get through it. I’ll also be hitting the Little Black Classics even harder so I won’t fall too far behind my goal while working my way through the tome.

Looking ahead to what is I realize I need more contemporary fiction for my book shelves. All I have lying around are essay collections or Greek history and plays. I’ll need to do a little book shopping before I get bored of either!


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