Today I am grateful for:

  1. Rainy days where there is nothing to do at all but whatever feels good to you. Rainy days are self-care days by default. You can lie in bed, read, watch TV, take long, hot showers, eat satisfying foods, and sleep as much as you want.
  2. Podcasts. When I’m feeling bored or a little lonely, I can always find an interesting podcast to put on to occupy my mind or fill the room with the sounds of other people.
  3. Lunch with my wife. She is working from home and I am trying (and mostly failing) to write so both of us are busy all morning but every day we stop and come back together to make lunch and eat together. I’m really going to miss that when we have to go back to work again.

Published by

Lisa Marie Blair

Painfully aware. Profoundly afraid. Perpetually falling in and out of love with humanity. She/They.

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