218 // Catching Up

Today I am grateful for:

  1. My houseplants and pets. They teach me so much about love, patience, and care. They are us without the complications and the lessons I learn through them I take to the humans I love. The key is listening. The key is attention. The key to give what they need, not what you need.
  2. Pen and paper. The convenience of keyboard and screen feels overrated once compared to the joy that comes from forming words not just with your mind but with your hands. The shape of my letters, my paragraphs, the notes on top of notes on top of notes, the way I connect and correct though with arrows and dashes strike-throughs and underlines is a style and art no keyboard can reproduce.
  3. Meditation. In moments when the energy is sucked right out of me, when I’m caught in the middle and there is nowhere to turn, when I feel the most alone, meditation reminds me that there is so much more to life, to me, than the storm raging around and within. There are blue skies, somewhere, always.

Published by

Lisa Marie Blair

An aspiring writer fascinated by the human condition. You can find much of my work on my personal blog and at Zen and Pi. Please consider supporting what I do by sharing a cup of virtual coffee. Thank you!

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