244 // Find Me At My Best

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Slow and steady healing. I hate to get my hopes up so quickly but I’m in desperate need of some sign, any sign, of a light at the end of this painful tunnel. Today was a better day than I’ve had in a long time and though there is a good chance that come tomorrow I’ll be right back where I was yesterday, I’m choosing to hope that real healing is coming and I am making my way back to the old me.
  2. Cooler weather. A strange but very welcome cold front has made its way into the region, brining cool northerly winds and quenching rains. After weeks of dry 90 degree heat and wild fire smoke, the cool breeze and light drizzle feel more than good, almost cleansing.
  3. One day down. It’s going to be a long week sure, but I made it through today. There are only four left now and there is a three-day weekend and all the rest I need waiting at the end. I just need to take it one day at a time and celebrate each as it’s own victory.

Published by

Lisa Marie Blair

Painfully aware. Profoundly afraid. Perpetually falling in and out of love with humanity. She/They.

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