055 // Sense the Enormity

I woke to the news of Russia invading Ukraine and have been living in a kind of shock since. I know so little about the “why” and I have even less to offer about the “what now?” but I can sense the enormity of the act. It’s so big, but it’s also so far away and there is so much suffering close by that I can’t see past. How can we do it all, fix it all, save them all?

There are dire predictions and grave warnings floating freely across social media timelines today, leaving me overwhelmed, powerless, and, frankly, disappointed in those who aren’t. I hope, as a country, we will do more than center our fears while homes burn and lives are lost half a world away. I hope we will do the right thing, fight on the right side, and for the right reasons this time.

I read something on Twitter this afternoon about the times we are living in being “very, very precedented. I have a feeling that we are all trapped together in a terrible cycle. It’s as if these same dreadful events keep happening again and again. Only the date, and the technology available, changes. We keep living and inflicting the same patterns of pain on one another again, and again, and again.

These past years have worn me down. I can hardly watch the news or think about politics without a low and vague sense of panic I cannot name or place gripping me. Every day is the worst day. Every headline signals the end of life as we know it. I won’t live long enough to fix any of it. Sometimes, it feels like the only thing I can do is focus on loving where I can, being kind where I can, changing one mind of billions at a time, but at that rate, I wonder why it matters?

Then again, as I sit here wondering what love can do, there are those who spread hate and never stop to doubt its power. Hate has done so much damage, why wouldn’t love be capable of as much good or more? Of course it is.

Of course it is!


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Lisa Marie Blair

Painfully aware. Profoundly afraid. Perpetually falling in and out of love with humanity. She/They.

2 thoughts on “055 // Sense the Enormity”

  1. It’s exhausting to think about. You keep hoping humanity will resurface, poke it’s head out of the mire, see the daylight, understand the predicament it’s in, and act accordingly. But mostly it just digs itself deeper, hoping that doubling-down just one more time, and repeating the same historical mistakes, will make it all better. It’s difficult to watch insanity spread while you try not to get infected with it.

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  2. I stopped watching the news back in 2012, so I didn’t learn about Russia/Ukraine until it was trending on social media. I felt awful for not knowing about it, but it is what it is.

    Apparently, they’ve been feuding for years. I googled why Russia invaded, but it’s happened before.

    History is repeating itself because people haven’t learned from it. I did a deep dive into Russia’s political system, and their president is by popular vote, but it’s more of a totalitarian system that no one dares run up against the current person.

    I’m tired of all the hurt.

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