The week continues to wear me down, but I am determined to stay strong and make it all the way through Friday afternoon. I’m halfway there already and besides a bit of fatigue and frustration—which is easily relieved with a little laughter and an afternoon nap—I’m doing surprisingly well. Sometimes just putting one foot in front of the other is cause for pride and celebration.

I do wish I had more time for me right now. I miss writing, or, I miss trying to write, anyway. I miss reading. I miss having time for music, or podcasts, or quiet. It’s only been three days of this hard work schedule but I already feel disconnected from myself and my day-to-day life. It feels good being Superwoman, working long hours, and getting all the things done, but I need time to spend with just myself to rest and decompress. I need a part of every day that belongs to me alone.

Soon though, soon. The long work hours won’t last more than another work-week and in the middle of it all I will have a nice long weekend. I’ll make it, physically, mentally is still up in the air though.

It came! It finally came! My Penguin Little Black Classics box set was finally delivered today, and it is as beautiful and wonderful as I’d hoped.

When I got home, I saw the box and even though I had a bad headache and needed to rest, I took the box with me into the bed to look over each of the 80 books one by one before nodding off. I woke around dinner time and carried the whole set with me from the bed to the couch to examine each one again and start reading. I’m already halfway through the first one now. I wish I could carry all 80 books with me everywhere. I love them all.