344 // Rebuild Endurance

This morning is off to a nice, smooth start. I got up on time and made it through my routine easily. I’ve started thinking of each day as beginning the night before and sticking to a bedtime routine that helps me prepare that included going over my to do list, getting my bags and clothes ready, and spending some time cleaning. This week my stress levels are notably lower, and I’m spending less time laying awake at night with worry.

I think getting back into my daily meditation groove is helping too. I didn’t realize how much I had missed, or needed, those 10 to 15 minutes of focusing on body and breath every morning. It’s hard not to beat myself up over the months’ long lapse but I’m countering it with plenty of praise for taking up the practice again.

Symptom-wise, I only continue to improve. Some side effect of the new meds is joint pain and headaches, but even those discomforts are getting better with time. Every day my energy and drive increase and so does my ability to find purpose and joy.

The doctor mentioned that a big contributor to my fatigue may be a depletion serotonin levels. I had no idea that so much of the body’s supply of the “happy chemical” was made and utilized in and by the gut. I’ve been advised to manage my emotions and rebuild endurance through time, rest, and plenty of self-care and forgiveness. The journey so far is easier than expected. It helps to have so much to be grateful for.

Today started out rough but slowly improved. I am grateful for coworkers who are also friends and who hold me to a higher standard, who support me while I struggle, and who make me laugh. After understanding laughter is the most important thing. Laughter makes you brave, makes you stronger than you knew, makes the hurt and the work so much less and the satisfaction so much more.

Class is still going on and I am still working long hours and still left with so little time for me. It’s ok though, that light at the end is getting closer and brighter by the day. I’ll make it.

This afternoon was hard but for entirely different reasons than the last few weeks have been. I heard some devastating news about a friend and it’s the kind of situation where my help is unwelcome. It isn’t my business or my problem and though I am emotionally invested in the outcome, my involvement will only make matters worse. All I can do is wait, and watch, and hope.

But I’m hurting too. Friendships are risky the same as romantic relationships. We open ourselves up. We let them in, and we have no guarantee that it will last. They can flit in and out, disrupt and damage, or leave you as broken-hearted as any lover. That isn’t to say in this situation I was hurt intentionally or that I have any right to be hurt at all, but I am all the same, and I simply needed somewhere to say that out loud.