I’m stuck at home again. I don’t feel bad this time. I was up a lot last night and this morning I was in pain. There’s nothing I could have contributed like this.

Yesterday my doctor emailed to tell me the lab test had come back. We finally have proof of what I already knew, the inflammation is bad and I am not well. She asked how I was doing on the steroids so far (so-so) and asked me to check in with her in exactly one week. It’s a wait and see game now but it helps to have a healthcare team that follows up and at least appears to care. I have less anxiety knowing she’s just an email away when I need her.

I did make sure to rest more than the last time I took off but I couldn’t help a few cleaning projects and I did make time for a tiny bookbinding project. I needed a new notebook to start my “Bradbury prompts” list in. I needed something portable and ugly enough that I’d have no issues writing in it right away. I made a simple one out of an old manilla office envelope and some scrap graph paper I had lying around. I’ll post a picture later.