345 // Grey Day

The weather has turned wintry again. I’d hoped to work outside a little or fit a walk in before the temperature dropped, but the morning warmth never arrived and the clouds carried too much gloom. The cold kept me inside, bored and irritable, and time slowed to a crawl and I grew more and more anxious to return home.

I did try to keep a positive attitude through the grey day. I’m still feeling good physically and any way a boring day is better than a bad day, right? I tired, but I didn’t get far with that. There was just not enough excitement, laughter, progress or accomplishment to boost my mood.

I think I’m just missing the warmth and sunshine from the first half of the week. More than that, I’m longing for the days when I could leave work and walk over to the coffee shop to read or write for a while before anyone even knew I was gone. I can’t wait until Spring, or the coronavirus vaccine, or whenever the world might open up again and those third spaces I hardly used and always took for granted can offer my that escape I need.

I love my home, and work is never as bad as it could be or as bad as I think it is, but I need more than that routine. I need a place that puts me among other people, where I feel both part of the community and apart. A place that offers a new perspective.

I’m stuck at home again. I don’t feel bad this time. I was up a lot last night and this morning I was in pain. There’s nothing I could have contributed like this.

Yesterday my doctor emailed to tell me the lab test had come back. We finally have proof of what I already knew, the inflammation is bad and I am not well. She asked how I was doing on the steroids so far (so-so) and asked me to check in with her in exactly one week. It’s a wait and see game now but it helps to have a healthcare team that follows up and at least appears to care. I have less anxiety knowing she’s just an email away when I need her.

I did make sure to rest more than the last time I took off but I couldn’t help a few cleaning projects and I did make time for a tiny bookbinding project. I needed a new notebook to start my “Bradbury prompts” list in. I needed something portable and ugly enough that I’d have no issues writing in it right away. I made a simple one out of an old manilla office envelope and some scrap graph paper I had lying around. I’ll post a picture later.