The clouds and bitter cold has returned today. I nearly forgot winter was so close with all the mild weather we’ve been having. I dared to believe we might float on through the new year right into springtime with nothing but 40 and 50 degree temperatures and clear skies. I miss that blissful ignorance.

For a Monday the morning went by quickly but the afternoon feels nearly at a standstill. I blame the meds. Steroids and coffee together in the morning are a potent mix but the crash is unpredictable, sudden, and harsh. I spent my work hours after lunch doing menial tasks with the lights low in the office trying not to fall asleep and not to bring on a headache with the effort.

I’m home now, slightly earlier than usual and dreading the evening to come. There is still more Christmas shopping to do and I’m already so exhausted I know it will take a lot out of me to get it done. Still, it’s important, and honestly the ability to buy so much for so many is a privilege.

I’m looking forward the feeling that comes with having it done and the joy I know giving will bring to others. There is good that comes in the effort and more to be found in the season if you look for it.