160 // Sunday Night Blues

So much for an early night. The nap I took earlier is making it hard to want to go to bed now and knowing this is the last bit of weekend I have left for the next five days is making it hard to care. Sunday nights are the worst of the week and this one feels more depressing than most.

We bought a few wedding DIY supplies today and I’m bummed I’ll have long hours to work tomorrow instead of getting to come home and make pretty things for my big day. I’m not looking forward to the conference either though I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and do something new.

I’d rather be writing but I know deep down that if I did have the time I probably wouldn’t use it. My focus has been off and my motivation low. I’ll test myself instead and promise to do what I can with what I have wherever I am. I have my phone, my pens, and a notepad too. That’s all I need to write.

We’ll see what I do.