162 // Easy Peasy

I’m feeling much better this morning than I was yesterday, not just physically but emotionally too. I’m lighthearted and happy, willing to make jokes and to take a joke too. I woke on time but took my time getting ready for work. I arrived when I was ready, not when they wanted me. Luckily I’m largely unsupervised this week and as long as the work gets done no one will mind.

I actually spent most of the day working on wedding things. The officiant script is looking largely done and we’ve made considerable progress on the playlists. We have more supplies for the DIY backdrop and pretty gold paint for the grid panel and the candle holders. I have a couple of emails to send as well but my anxiety is asking that we wait until tomorrow.

After heading home early again I cleaned up some and got ready to head out again to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine while I watch my wife play a couple games of kickball. I wish the whole team good luck!