And here we are again.

Winter has returned today and we are seeing the first snowfall in nearly a month. It isn’t much, but it ended the chance of a rare “precipitation-less January”. I normally hate snow, I still hate snow, but having not seen it in so long and worried over why it’s been gone and what the consequences of its absence will be, makes this snow fall a little more welcome, peaceful, and beautiful than most.

It’s strange to have a Monday turn out better than the Friday that proceeded it but this week is definitely beginning on a better note than the last one ended. For one some of my favorite coworkers are back, and for two, I feel a lot more comfortable in my skin, a lot more secure, and a lot less anxious and afraid.

I’m still feeing very “burned-out” though but more and more I think it’s people and not my actual job duties that are pushing me over the edge. I have to find a way to maintain my inner peace even in the face of frustration, negativity, and sabotage. When I step back, I can see that none of the people who I’ve allowed to impact my mood have any real impact on my life, my duties, or my dreams, so why do they affect me so?

And how do I begin to establish a sense of space and time between the emotions of others and mine, the actions of others and mine?


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Lisa Marie Blair

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