I’m off of work for the holiday which is about as much as the 3rd Monday in February ever means to me. The holiday was first meant to be a celebration of George Washington’s birth a man who not only owned slaves but fought for the formation of a country founded on stolen land.

Lincoln’s birthday was added to the celebration and though he’s a much more respectable man and more worthy of remembrance for me than Washington, but he is only one of many Presidents who have let women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community down.

So, I’m spending the day pretending it’s Sunday instead and getting ready for the workweek at a much more relaxed pace than I’m usual. I made sure to start my preparation early in the weekend knowing that I’d spend much of my actual Sunday out of the house. Tomorrow will be a sort of half work day. It’s an “non-pupal contact” day which means the district will be open but there are no students to transport. Most of my coworkers will be out so it’ll be nice and quiet.

Just knowing I get to ease into the week and that it will be a short week too makes the end to the weekend a calm and peaceful one. I wish every “Sunday” could be like this.


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