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Mental Illness and Reasons to Live // The School of Life

“If there is any advantage to going through a mental crisis of the worst kind, it is that – on the other side of it – we will have ended up choosing life rather than merely assuming it to be the unremarkable norm. We, the ones who have crawled back from the darkness, may be disadvantaged in a hundred ways, but at least we will have had to find, rather than assumed or inherited, some reasons why we are here. Every day we continue will be a day earned back from death and our satisfactions will be all the more more intense and our gratitude more profound for having been consciously arrived at.”


Published by

Lisa Marie Blair

Painfully aware. Profoundly afraid. Perpetually falling in and out of love with humanity. She/They.

5 thoughts on “Continue to Live”

  1. I am not a deep believer in mental illness. I see it as a matter of mind over matter, and some people choose to default to matter, leaving the mind behind. They have simply lost perspective.


    1. As a Psychotherapist I find this comment deeply disturbing. Had you been educated in mental health and illnesses you would know it is real and not a choice. What a damn shame you feel the need to post this horrible, careless thought.


      1. Don’t you stand to gain financially? Yeah. I thought so. How do you know that I have not had training in psychoanalysis/psychotherapy? Fact is, I have, and have lived in environments (3 combat tours) that are breeding grounds for mental breakdowns. So go back to your books.


      2. If you have had training you would lose your license for saying what you are saying, and you know that. You also would know we get paid pittance, not even enough to live on, and we do it to help others. That’s why I don’t think you are who you proport and you just wanted to hurt that poor person who was seeking empathy and care. Is that so hard to offer?


    2. I think a lot of people hold this view but as I have come to know myself and loved ones who suffer from mental illness I am learning it’s not so black and white. The mind is the mind, sure, but the mind is also made of matter. It follows the laws of nature and physics, the same as the body, and as with the body, some illness is curable, some treatable, some terminal. For those who cure or overcome, I simply believe they had the type of illness that *could* be cured of overcome, those who don’t, didn’t give up, they simply were overrun by their illness the just like the body can be by things like cancer, injury, or infection. It isn’t a choice, or at least, not a choice someone makes. It just happens to some and not others.


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