It’s another lazy day here but not quite as lazy as yesterday. I’m up and about the housecleaning and preparing for the week. Coffee has been a big help, as always, and knowing that tonight’s dinner is already bubbling away in the crock-pot, and laundry is just three short loads from finish is giving me sense of peace I struggle to find most Sundays.

Still, as well as things are going, I wish this weekend were another long one like the last. Three days away from work are perfect. A day for family, friends, and fun, a day for all the things you have to do like cleaning and errands, and a day for you to have all your own. This feels like the way life should be and anything less feels like a robbery. Think of it, what one more day a week to call your own could mean. Think of it, how much life capitalism, corporation, and competition have stolen.

And just like that my peace is gone.