Today isn’t as good as yesterday, nor, I predict, is it as good as tomorrow will be. I have to work, my ear still hurts, my energy levels are low, my mood is shot and the chances of recovery are low. I’m not even trying to improve it to be honest. The strategy is to put in my headphones and count down the hours until I can go home.

Home, where my things are, where my dog is, where there is quiet and where my wife soon will be with me. It pizza and the democratic debate tonight, a few of our favorite things, and just knowing that tomorrow I won’t have to do anything or go anywhere until at least noon time is putting me in a very cheerful place. The day has been salvaged.

Ok, the debate was lame. So lame in fact that I turned it off and opted to read quietly in bed rather than watch the last hour. I’ve never done that before. I love debates, but the field is just too crowded and nothing new is being said. Now if the competition was leading to new and innovative solutions, I’d be feeling much more excited but instead it’s only leading to increased infighting. I hate it; I hate it; I hate it. I’ve never looked forward to a primary so much.

This was a very un-Monday like Monday. I felt surprisingly social and willing to interact and entertain. I felt cooperative and, dare I say, even happy to be at work. It helps that I knew is would be a short and easy day. I got home a full 3 hours earlier than I normally would and I swear it was almost better than having the whole day off.

It would have been a perfect day if it weren’t for this damn ear pain! I gave in and chatted with a doctor online through my insurance company today and was told not much could be done at this stage. Apparently an ear infection is common after an upper respiratory infection and it could take an additional 10-14 days for the infection to clear up. The plan is more Tylenol, fluids, rest, and cold medication until I’m better. It sucks but I’m glad I could be told that online for free rather than paying to go in and being sent home with nothing.

So, for now, I’m following doctor’s orders (which are actually my wife’s order’s now) and taking care of me first for a little while longer.

Today is…just ok. I feel really out of it both from the lingering sickness and from over indulging last night. I can’t focus. I barely want to move. I’m doing what I can but it isn’t enough. It isn’t what I hoped it would be, but it never is I guess, not even on the Sundays when I have the energy and the want. Still, it’s Sunday and Sundays belong to me, even the disappointing ones, and that’s more than I can say for most days out of the week.

The weekend is even harder to let go of when you don’t really have to go to work the next day. I want to stay home but I made a commitment to my coworkers, my friends, and they expect me plus, how can I pass up the easy hours? One should only play hooky on the bad days, not the ones one could breeze through with little effort or mental strain, right?

I wish I hadn’t slept in so much but I also know I desperately need the rest. I’m still dealing with a sore throat but every morning it’s a little better and today I seem to have a little more of the energy I’ve missed. We’re attending a birthday party for a friend later so I’m trying to get all of my little to-do’s done and a decent nap in before late afternoon.

My wife: Let’s start over. Something is wrong with us today.

My mood is all bad. I’m anxious and on edge. I won’t know many people at the party we’re going to and it’s making me nervous. I’m worried I will do or say something stupid. I always do, I think, but I still have to go. This is important. These people are important to us and it’s important to us to show up for them the way they have for us before.

And I know that when my mind tells me I’m going to mess up. When I think I am going to say something stupid or make an ass of myself, that it is my mind lying to me. The truth is, I will probably have a great time and people are more than likely going to like me just fine. And the truth is, despite the good time I will agonize over every word I say tonight for the next week at least, and I still have to do it.

The weather is much improved today but still rather wintery. It’s a good day though. I’m not as focused as I should be and I’m not nearly as productive as I should be either, but I’m with people that make me smile and they made me feel like I belong and some days that is just more important that the to-do lists and the goals, right?

I’m feeling better and better every day, but the early mornings and the late afternoons are hard. I wake with a swollen and sore throat, difficulty swallowing, and a bit of ear pain but as the day progresses the symptoms subside, but return after lunch reminding me I still have a long way to go toward complete recovery. I had hoped to go out tonight, and I was bummed when the plans had to be canceled, but now I think it was for the best. I can spend the evening relaxing knowing I can sleep in tomorrow and that my time will be mine for the next two days.

This weekend I have one birthday party to attend—an adult one this time—and that’s it for plans. The rest of my time will be for reading, for little blackout poems and collages, for insignificant writing, and for that special brand of procrastination that manifests as house work. I’m looking forward to it all.

I’m back at work today and feeling so much better than I have all week. I made it through the whole day with just a bit of fatigue near the end of the workday and some throat soreness in the evenings. I’m sure with another day of rest I would have been even better off but Capitalism won’t let me take that much time for myself, you know?

The weather didn’t affect me as badly as I thought it would. It was cold—bitter cold!—and it snowed but I was lucky enough to get to spend at least the morning indoors helping in the office.

Usually I hate the snow but as I walked between the buildings and in and out of the office today, I took my time. I let the soft flakes fall on my face. I watched the moisture from my own breath condense in the air. I listened to the silence, and I listened to sounds traveling from far away on the cold air. It’s actually kind of beautiful.

I’ve never felt that way about winter weather before.

I was supposed to try again today but I’m still feeling so sickly I knew if I tired I would only end up right back at home just like yesterday. So, I stayed in, again. I know it’s what’s best for me but I really feel guilty now. Usually when I feel guilty about taking time for my health, I end up pushing myself to be productive when I should be resting but today I’m fighting the urge. I can’t go on missing work so I’m forcing myself to stay in bed and to sleep, sleep, and sleep some more. I’m only up to eat, to take medication, and to drink fluids, that is it!

If I am not feeling better by tomorrow, I’m definitely seeing a doctor.

It worked! I think I’m finally on the mend. By the time my wife made it back home from work I was feeling so much better. I’m coughing a lot less and when I do it is much more productive. My airways are clearing out and I don’t feel as fatigued or disoriented as I did this morning. Even my body aches are better!

I’m looking forward to work tomorrow, even though the weather is taking a nasty turn for the worst. We’re expecting at least a 40 degree drop in temperatures between this afternoon and tomorrow, from the high 70s to the mid-30s! Snow is forecasted too though I’m not sure how much. I wish it we’re going to be a better weather day for my return to work. Oh well.

So, I’m searching out our winter gear and setting out warm clothes. Tomorrow winter arrives, but just for the day I hear. By Friday afternoon we are back in the 50s and by Sunday 70!

Ok, I tried, I really did, but whatever I have is hanging on and really kicking my ass. I did manage to get myself up and dressed and into work on time but I’d been miserable, disoriented, sweating, and exhausted since I arrived. I looked so bad my boss said I should go home and I jumped at the chance. I came home, did the dishes so I wouldn’t feel bad, and slept the rest of the afternoon away.

Increasingly I’m worried what I have is not a minor cold but the flu. That would be just my luck. I get a flu shot every year but this year I got too busy to get into the clinic right away and here I am laid up on the couch (where I have been quarantined since Sunday night!) sniffling, coughing, and aching. At least I don’t have a fever, and at least I have a job I know will hold my place while I recover for a few days.

For now, I’m just going to sleep for the rest of the day and hope it’ll finally be enough to get me through the worst of it. I’ll try again tomorrow.

This morning I woke up and my throat was so swollen, and my head ached so badly, I knew I would be useless at work and in the process probably just make myself sicker from exhaustion, so I opted to stay in and recoup. I’m sure just one more day of rest is all I need to get back on my feet.

My wife is home too and taking care of me so well I feel a little guilty over it. She’s fetching me things, making my food, making sure I take medication on time, and reminding me to turn off all screen and rest when I know I should but wouldn’t without her prompt. I feel bad for wasting both her day and mine, but I know too that there was nothing I could do. It’s not like I got sick on purpose and if I don’t take the time to get better now we will waste even more time when this sickness is prolonged.

I’m stuck in bed today, wife’s orders. I had hoped that after a little rest I would start feeling better but since yesterday, since Friday really, I have just gotten worse. I’m not so much worried about this little cold as I am worried about what impact a passing cold can have on my chronic illness. Stressing my body can bring on a flare and if I go into a flare it would be like starting at square one again for my health. I’d be back on steroids, back to testing, back to doctor’s visits, and back to worrying constantly about what the next step is.

Of course, my doctor would tell me not to worry about that. She would tell me the worry was more likely to trigger an overactive immune response then the minor cold I’m fighting off. She would tell me that I’m doing good and that there isn’t even anything to worry about until that status changes. She would tell me to listen to my body, take care of myself, and relax and that is what I am going to try my best to do. I know how to get better and if I fail at that; I have people, both professionals and loved ones, that will get me through the next steps no matter what.