It’s Friday and I have absolutely had it with this week. It wasn’t a bad day, or a bad week by far, but damn was it exhausting.

The class is getting along just fine and today they even got to sit in, ask questions, and contribute to discussions on our employee group forming a union. The meeting was a lot. It was emotion, informative, inspiring, and, at certain points, a little awkward. All in all though, I thought it was really good. I’m on board. I’m fired up. I can’t wait to fight!

Health-wise I’m feeling pretty low today. My joint pain is back, which isn’t a good sign, and the fatigue nearly has me beat. I’ve had a headache off and on all week and waening off of these steroids is wrecking my body. Acne, drenching sweats, and terrible “moon face” are starting to impact my self-esteem but I’ve only got four more weeks to go until I’m off and I can start focusing on getting my body back to some semblance of normal.

I am home early tonight but I’m feeling too down on myself to be productive in any sense of the word. I had an embarrassing afternoon and my mind won’t let me forget my humiliation. I won’t relive it here too (some things shouldn’t exist on the internet forever) but if I could crawl into a hole and never see the light of day or another human being again, it would be a relief.

So tonight is the couch, margaritas, spicy Mexican take-out, and Netflix. Hopefully, by the time I return to the work week the world, and I, will have forgotten all about today.


Today was another long day but with the help of coffee and a good laugh or two with a few of my friends, I am making it through. I’ve even managed to surprise myself by how well organized and on top of things I have been. I’m almost beginning to think of myself as capable and, dare I say it, deserving of recognition.

As good as this all feels, I can tell I am nearing the limit of what my body and mind can handle, stress-wise. I’m pushing myself hard this week and if I’m not careful, I’ll cross the line and end up crashing out before I can make it to the weekend.

But I’m so close now I know I can’t give up! Just another day and a half and I’ll get a nice long 3-day weekend. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this…


The week continues to wear me down, but I am determined to stay strong and make it all the way through Friday afternoon. I’m halfway there already and besides a bit of fatigue and frustration—which is easily relieved with a little laughter and an afternoon nap—I’m doing surprisingly well. Sometimes just putting one foot in front of the other is cause for pride and celebration.

I do wish I had more time for me right now. I miss writing, or, I miss trying to write, anyway. I miss reading. I miss having time for music, or podcasts, or quiet. It’s only been three days of this hard work schedule but I already feel disconnected from myself and my day-to-day life. It feels good being Superwoman, working long hours, and getting all the things done, but I need time to spend with just myself to rest and decompress. I need a part of every day that belongs to me alone.

Soon though, soon. The long work hours won’t last more than another work-week and in the middle of it all I will have a nice long weekend. I’ll make it, physically, mentally is still up in the air though.

It came! It finally came! My Penguin Little Black Classics box set was finally delivered today, and it is as beautiful and wonderful as I’d hoped.

When I got home, I saw the box and even though I had a bad headache and needed to rest, I took the box with me into the bed to look over each of the 80 books one by one before nodding off. I woke around dinner time and carried the whole set with me from the bed to the couch to examine each one again and start reading. I’m already halfway through the first one now. I wish I could carry all 80 books with me everywhere. I love them all.


My anxiety over the first day of class for the new employees starting today kept me up all night last night. It isn’t that I was worrying about making a mistake or about anything going wrong. Instead, I laid there in dark just running through the details, trying to create a script for every interaction, find an answer to every question that could be asked, and coming up with a strategy for every obstacle I might encounter.

I just wanted it all planned out and no matter how much I told myself that a perfect or complete plan was impossible I couldn’t stop my mind from racing nor calm my heart from pounding hard and loud.

I think it’s knowing that what I am doing is important. It’s knowing the stakes are high. It’s knowing that there are stakes at all! It’s knowing that what I say to these people has an impact and consequences in not just their lives but the lives of the kids we service and assist. What I do matters and I can’t just breeze through it with an “I got this” attitude.

I owe it to everyone to worry myself sick.

It wasn’t easy, but I managed to make it through the first day of class unscathed. A lot of things went wrong but not in any of the ways I worried about or tried to plan for last night. Despite my frustrations this somehow makes me feel better. It’s like a small proof that I had nothing to worry about after all. Still, I was on my feet all day and scrambling to appear profession amid the chaos.

My hope now is that all that hard work and stress has exhausted me enough that I will sleep a little more soundly tonight.


I could easily go right back to bed right now. Unfortunately, I’m already at work out in the cold and growing ngrier by the minute about it.

My energy levels are still very low and it hit me that these past few weeks that I’ve been waking up so early and getting so much done, working out and focusing so we’ll we the tasks at hand, none of that was me. It was my medication.

Now that I am coming off of it I’m slowly returning to my old default. This version of me, the exhausted and irritable one, the unfocused and unmotivated one, the frustrated and disappointed one, that one is the real me.

But knowing, or remembering, this also made me realize that I do not want to go on with this pity party any more. This is the reality and all I can do is face it and do what I can with it. I want stop focusing so much on what I can’t do and spend a lot more time focusing on what I can do and what I have done. I can’t make myself have more energy but I can change my expectations and my perspective.

Everything counts and trying is all that matters now.


Not much better than yesterday to be honest, perhaps worse if I think about it too much. I couldn’t get out of bed on time and though I feel a bit of disappointment over it I can tell by how easily and deeply I slept even after having woken up, made myself breakfast, and had my morning coffee. I’m exhausted and there is no use fighting it. I have to give my body what it wants before it has no choice but to take what it needs.

I’m up now though and doing my best to complete just one or two to-do items. I’m not shooting any higher than “better than nothing” today and even that might be asking too much.

But just because I can’t do a big thing, doesn’t mean I should do nothing. I can find something to do that is more in line with where I am mentally and physically. Today I cannot write much, or work out, or get through the list of chores, but I can finish reading a book today. I can pile up the pillows and blankets in a corner of the couch and spend the afternoon with Baruch Spinoza.

I can learn something. I can get a little closer to my reading goals. I can make some use of this day.


I’m tired down to my bones today. I wish I could spend the whole weekend in bed but when work takes up 50 hours of your week everything else has to happen between now and Sunday evening. There will never be time for the kind of rest I really need.

On a more positive note, I at least get to spend the day seeing my family. My brother and his wife moved into a new house this and today we are celebrating with a housewarming potluck. I’m so happy for them and somewhere deep down I am excited to go.

I blame the prednisone. I’m tapering to lower and lower doses every week and caffeine, it turns out, is not a suitable replacement. At least the headache is gone but I haven’t been able to work out since Thursday and I have a feeling my expectations will have to be lowered for a long while.